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Ace Blend

I came across Ace Blend in the very early stages of my own healing journey. My nutritional deficiencies were diagnosed in 2019 which led me to create better eating habits.

As a start, I decided to have one healthy, wholesome meal which would plug my nutritional needs. Breakfast was going to be that meal for me. This is how I started experimenting with morning smoothies.

For someone who hates cooking, one raw meal seemed like a realistic commitment to make. I added lots of greens for micronutrients, healthy carbs and fiber, coconut and pure peanut butter for healthy fats but the protein bit had me scratching my head.

My research led me to Ace Blend
A premium, plant based source of complete proteins.

Two Brothers Organic Farms Discount code : PARUL05  

Two Brothers Organic Farms and Paul & Mike

This one is really close to my heart. I got together with organic farmers to create a clean chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly.

As a health coach, I do believe that you can eat chocolate while losing weight. The question is – which one? There was none that met the standards that I had. So I created one.

Sweetened with handmade organic jaggery from Two Brothers Organic Farms it has zero refined sugar and has the best indigenous organic cocoa beans from Kerala based chocolatiers, Paul & Mike.

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