Find out what our clients had to say about their experience

I started the program with the intention of reducing my sugar cravings. I have always had a sweet tooth.

I have always had PCOD which makes it a bit more difficult to shed weight. Most advice from her is do-able and are now part of my daily routine.

I did not taste sugar (avoided even the hidden ones ) for over 2 weeks.

A first for me.

I have zero cravings for all things sweet. I also lost about a kg and a half which I have managed to keep off a couple of weeks later.
I feel much lighter and less bloated.

If you are struggling with getting off sugar, like I did, Parul is a great coach to help.
She is encouraging yet firm. Do yourself a favor, work with Parul.

Garima Mamgain

Marketing Consultant, Singapore

This program has really been an eye opener and its just half way through.

Until today I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle.

But the knowledge I have gained on why sugar is bad, the hidden amounts of natural as well as processed sugar in foods, understanding my daily limits of sugar versus my consumption and how food companies trick consumers about sugar content in food, motivates me to make changes for my own good.

This will definitely help me make smart choices. Looking forward to more such programs.

Rohan De Souza

Consultant, General Mills, Mumbai, India

As a business owner I was witnessing huge losses in my business due to COVID but I chose this time to invest in myself.

I want to live my life in a more meaningful way and don’t want to end up at the doctor’s a few years later. I want to be fit and fine and be able to do anything that comes up in life.

When I first approached Parul, the biggest thing holding me back from achieving my ideal weight was lack of accountability and I know I can’t do it all by myself.

I used to believe I am not a morning person and my joints might not be able to take cycling for more than 20 minutes.

Within 2 weeks, I am waking up between 6 – 6:30 am, walking 8000+ steps and cycling for 6 KM every morning.

My energy levels shot up…and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve lost 1.5 kilos in the last 2 weeks.

Not only that I was finally able to have a difficult conversation with my son, which was causing me a lot of stress. This has taken off a huge weight off of my shoulders. I feel more connected to him. I am really thankful to Parul for making all this happen.


Director, Experiential Eco-Tourism Company, India

I started working with Parul from December 2020 when I was balancing two roles in my life which is my day job while pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur.

This was leading to chronic stress for me and I was becoming aware of the impact it was having on my health.

I started losing weight, but in not a healthy way.

That is when I enrolled for Parul’s sessions because I loved her holistic approach towards health where she targets not only food, but emotions as well.

Before working with Parul I previously tried some solutions for weight gain but to no avail.

After working with her, I am able to maintain a steady weight because she worked on my limiting beliefs first.

Now with the food inputs she has given me, I know I am on my way to my ideal weight which makes me happy.

If you are thinking of working with her go ahead without an iota of doubt… You will get to your desired health and weight and more importantly your limiting beliefs out of your mind and life.

Sachin Hebbar

Senior Software Engineer, Bangalore, India

You have hit the nail on the head. This Masterclass is a must watch especially for those of us who like to understand the science between nutrition and general well-being….it not only focuses on the underlying reasons behind persistent weight gain but walks you through important lifestyle changes-not diet fads and superficial quick fixes-that are needed to tackle weight issues.

Jyotin Kaur

Senior Vice President, J.P. Morgan , Hong Kong

I really liked your approach because it gave me another perspective on healing and helping my body.
The scientific background is explained in a way that it’s easy to understand and I loved the practical tips and trick for everyday life.
I believe the little things and baby steps create more change in our lives then the big steps and diets..

Marina Gagic

Speech-Language Therapist, Croatia

I used to check my weight 5 times a day.

In the last 2 weeks I haven’t checked it at all.

It doesn’t matter to me now.

When I first came to Parul I was obsessed with my weight.

I had done a number of weight loss programs only to quit them in 2-3 weeks. They would make me feel moody and deprived.

I’d also tried many fitness programs – from aerobics, HIIT, Zumba, body sculpting. Again, I was bored, tired or the program was not for me.

When my entire family would sit down to eat traditional foods, I would often drool just looking at the spread. It made me sad to give up on my favorite foods.

My husband would tease me and say – Why are you doing this if you don’t like it?

I thought that something was wrong with me.

My weight was not the only issue after all as I had a number of other health concerns:

  • GERD (hyper-acidity)
  • Joint pains and swelling in my body due to Chikungunya fever from December 2019
  • Bloating and gastritis

Within 8 weeks of working with Parul I have completely turned around my life.

My body feels so much more toned.

My old clothes are loose now. The armholes used to be tight before. Now it isn’t. My glutes have toned up.

It’s very rare for my husband to compliment me. But he has been saying that I look more toned.

My Chikungungya pains have disappeared.

Earlier I used to feel limp for a few minutes after getting up to walk. Today, if you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t even have remembered. I have forgotten about my pain in the last 2 months.

I feel so happy about myself.

I can eat whatever I want. Earlier I used to feel starved.

I have never shared this with anyone before but sometimes I used to sit and cry thinking – who will take care of my child if something happens to me? I used to feel very depressed.

I feel so much better now and have stopped complaining about my weight.

I am loving myself.

K. Selvanayaki

Housewife / Homemaker, Tamil Nadu, India

This lockdown turned into a ‘blessing in disguise’ for me when I approached Parul to help me lose weight.

It’s going to be about a month working with her but the changes I am witnessing in my mind & body are amazing.

After following her suggestions I am feeling a new & different kind of energy.

Honestly, what I liked that she never asked me to stop eating anything but has step by step guided me to eat right, drink right and lead a disciplined life.

Initially it looked impossible for me but now it’s a routine.

Parul helped me understand that being overweight is not only the result of eating wrong but of carrying unnecessary tensions in your mind.

She explained how a mind carries extra weight which results in our physical appearances with extra fat.

Today I am feeling good and can see my body getting in shape after following her advice. The drinks she introduced in my daily routine, the meditation + workout she advised and also what to eat, what not to eat and importantly the right time to eat/drink a particular thing is really helpful.


Supreme Court of India

I have lost 6 kgs in 12 weeks and my clothes fit much better.

While I may be eating more, I am eating healthier. I am planning my week on what to eat at different meals times and buying most of the ingredients in advance.

I am sleeping much better, am more aware of my eating habits and my recovery post workouts is much quicker.

I feel more energetic and lighter during the day.

The biggest breakthrough is that my urge to snack has gone.

For the first time I believe that I can achieve my goal weight.

I can now easily get my belt to the last hole. I feel and look better.

Business Executive Officer

U.S. based Insurance Company, Oman