In the summer of 2022, I decided to take my exercise routine a notch higher and push my limits. Under the guidance of a qualified professional, I started to lift weights. While I wasn’t new to strength training, this was the first time I was lifting close to my body weight. In fact for some movements, I had started lifting more than my own body weight.
Over the course of 3 months, I started doing deadlifts with almost 60 kilos and leg presses with 110 kilos. However, I noticed an interesting side-effect.
While my strength was increasing, so was my fatigue.
I’d have sore muscles for days and would feel really tired through the day, unable to focus on pretty much anything, week after week.

Being a health coach, I had the awareness that I was getting enough rest, so this had to be about nutrition.

This is when I got in touch with Shivam, Founder of Ace Blend  who told me that my daily protein intake at the time was just about enough for a sedentary person. Quite obviously it wasn’t close enough for the kind of muscle recovery I needed after my intense workout sessions.
While I started re-working my meals to include enough nourishment to rebuild my muscles, it was definitely proving to be a difficult task as a vegetarian. My requirement was considerably higher considering the physical stress my body was undergoing.

While I was taking my Ace Blend protein nourisher in the morning, I knew I needed to amp up my intake. This is when Shivam told me that Ace Blend was soon launching a different variant for people like me. It is safe to say that I was over the moon when I heard this news.
Already an Ace Blend loyalist since 2020 I was ecstatic to hear about this upgrade. It was the perfect solution to my newfound challenge of meeting my increased nutritional needs.


While I am not one to count calories or dissect my food into macronutrients all the time, I do realize how important protein is for cellular re-generation.
This is why it is important to include it in our diet at every meal.
Another reason why it is super important is because statistically speaking over 93 percent of our population is protein deficient irrespective of the socio-economic group and gender they belong to.

If you’re new to my world and to the world of nutrition, let me explain why I advocate Ace Blend as a protein nourisher.
While I do not say that it is a meal replacement, I must also state that it is an all-natural protein nourisher that helps you reach your daily protein needs. Something that would be a task otherwise and would require you to carefully curate your meals in order to reach adequate protein requirement each day.


What is the adequate protein requirement for each person?


The protein required by adult Indian was calculated as 1 g/kg/day as per Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommended dietary allowance (RDA) recommendations. (references)

This number is higher if you’re lifting weights like I was.

“To meet the functional needs such as promoting skeletal-muscle protein accretion and physical strength, dietary intake of 1.0, 1.3, and 1.6 g protein per kg BW per day is recommended for individuals with minimal, moderate, and intense physical activity, respectively. Long-term consumption of protein at 2 g per kg BW per day is safe for healthy adults, and the tolerable upper limit is 3.5 g per kg BW per day for well-adapted subjects.” – A Study published in the National Library of Medicine, U.S. as well as the Harvard School of Public Health.


Why do I need Ace Blend?

At this point, if you’re apprehensive about taking Ace Blend, I get it.
I was in your exact shoes when I first got to know about Ace Blend back in 2020.
In fact, I used to run miles away from any sort of supplements or processed foods.
The good news is that Ace Blend is none of that.
It is perfectly safe and natural.
It has absolutely zero harmful artificial ingredients that might disrupt your hormones or leave you with a weak gut.
No added sugar, gluten, lactose, soy, synthetics or preservatives.

I still remember the first time I’d asked Shivam (founder & owner) Ace Blend about the possible side-effects on my overall health and he’d sent me a 400 page research report. It made me feel more confident because no one with a shady ingredient list would hand over a research report.
Interestingly, Ace Blend comes with 130+ years of collective experience of clinical nutritionists, food technologists, sports science nutritionists and PhDs in nutrition.
It is a superfood-based plant protein born out of clinical research. For more details about the big WHY behind creating Ace Blend, CLICK HERE.

While I started adding more protein to my diet, Ace Blend came up with the perfect New Years’ gift – version 2.0 of Ace Blend. Exactly what I needed. A more amped up version of the nourisher for my increased nutritional needs.

So what is in it?


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