In my early twenties as I started my first full-time job, I’d often experience low energy levels and fatigue, sometimes right in the morning and sometimes around 3 p.m. in the afternoon.
One of the biggest reasons behind it, which I realized only recently was nutritional deficiency.

Had I not become a health coach, I’d have never understood how calorie dense and nutrient deficient our diets are today.

Often it makes me wonder – why are we not taught nutrition in school? While algebra and geometry are important, I feel good health does take precedence over it.

As someone who took a lot of pride in eating clean foods I never thought I’d have nutritional deficiencies. However, an extremely detailed lab test in November 2019 surprised me.

As a new health coach, it was only fitting that I look out for my own answers – so I started working with a health coach myself in order to walk my talk.

I went all out in those 3-4 months with dietary changes, supplements and detoxes where required.
Towards the end of this extremely fulfilling time I realized that I needed to make this a permanent lifestyle change.

So I set out to create meals for myself which would be nutritious yet fun.

Nutrition was a priority but boring so wasn’t on the list.

As a start, I decided to have one healthy, wholesome meal which would plug my nutritional needs and help me maintain my ideal body weight without having to spend 2 hours in the gym every day.

Breakfast was going to be that meal for me.

This is how I started experimenting with morning smoothies.

For someone who hates cooking, one raw meal seemed like a realistic commitment to make.

I added lots of greens for micronutrients, healthy carbs and fiber, coconut and pure peanut butter for healthy fats but the protein bit had me scratching my head.

As I studied more about proteins I discovered that there is more to proteins.
There are two types of dietary protein: complete and incomplete.

Protein that comes from animal food is considered complete because it contains all essential amino acids.

Plant-based proteins are typically lacking in one or two of these essential amino acids, which is why this form of protein is considered incomplete. However, if one has a diverse plant based diet, the various food combinations would make for complete proteins.

Food combining at every meal this way, felt daunting.

This is the reason why I started looking for an easier solution.

My research led me to Ace Blend (Use code NOURISH to get free additional sachets on your purchase).

A premium, plant based source of complete proteins.

Made from French Golden-Split Peas and Californian Organic Brown Rice, it seemed like a good choice for my morning smoothies. 

But I had some apprehensions.

I had never taken a protein powder in my life and had heard really unpleasant things about them.


I was surprised when Shivam, founder of Ace Blend asked me to go through a heavily researched book to understand why Ace Blend was different.

The academic in me was impressed.

How many times does anyone hand you credible scientific research when you’re deciding on a food product?

This planted the seed of trust in me.

What really cemented it was my experience of trying it over a period of 3 months.

As a vegetarian it seemed almost impossible for me to get a diet rich in protein unless I was consuming an extremely diverse plant based diet.
Knowing that 20 grams of my protein requirement was taken care of right in the morning seemed just about right.

Add 10 grams of multi – greens (Ashwagandha, Amla, Pure Chlorella, Organic Barley Grass and Organic Spinach) and natural antioxidants (Natural Tomato Lycopene, Grape Seed Extracts and Green Tea Catechins) and it meant that I started the day right.

But my curiosity didn’t end there – I asked Shivam what made him create this product.
His one word answer – NEED.
A dire need for a clean, pure, plant based source of complete protein.

Here’s his detailed answer:

Being an athlete from a young age and coming from a family of fitness enthusiasts – a healthy diet was always a given. Now if you ask any healthy person which is the primary macronutrient they focus on – All hands will rise for protein.

The thing is, your body cannot store protein as it does for carbohydrates & fat.
For a good hormonal response, strong immunity, solid strength and thriving cellular health– meeting your protein requirement is a non-negotiable mandate.
This is a challenge that nature has set of us humans.

Meeting your daily requirement in a rigorous schedule is certainly a daily challenge.

Before delving into the world of nutritional science and R&D- I was simply a consumer of products available.

Not a single condensed (powder) protein source suited my gut.
Protein is what makes up your skin, hair and nail- yet a dairy-based source was giving me acne and triggering hair thinning. The constant bloating was extremely uncomfortable as well.

That’s when the journey began.

Our team today consist of PhDs of nutritional science who have been in the R&D industry for over 25 years. We’re devoted to assembling the highest grade hypoallergenic superfoods that naturally yield a high protein content. Gut health is the centre of our research.

But we took it up a notch to go beyond protein- the 21st-century lifestyle demands you to look after multi-faceted aspects of your health.

Deciphering the era’s requirements, Ace Blend embraces 10 superfoods sourced from 6 countries across the world which provide your body with:

  • Natural Strength Increase
  • Daily Detox
  • Enhanced Skin Health
  • Armoured Immunity
  • Weight Management
  • Brain Health

A fine craft of ancient Ayurveda & the modern clinical approach.

Focused on authentic excellence, Ace Blend stays true to its roots and aims to spread enhanced wellness across the world. All from 100% natural sources.

One powerful source of nutrition every day can reshape the landscape of your daily health.

As a rule, I only recommend any brands to my clients after I’ve tried them for a while and benefitted from them. Ace Blend happens to be one of them.

Not only do I highly recommend it, I have seen its benefits in my life and in the life of my clients.

Don’t forget to use code NOURISH to get free additional sachets on your purchase